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Alliance for Natural Health International - ANH-Intl

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About ANH International

Alliance for Natural Health International is an internationally active, non-profit, non-governmental organisation working towards a more appropriate scientific framework for the natural health sector, with particular emphasis on functional, integrative and sustainable approaches to healthcare. ANH-Intl is active across 10 campaigns all of which are directly applicable to nutritional practitioners and offer a significant source of accurate, reliable and verifiable information. Through its work, particularly in Europe and the USA, the ANH-Intl works to accomplish its mission through its unique application of 'good science' and 'good law'. The organisation was founded in 2002 by Robert Verkerk PhD, an internationally acclaimed expert in sustainability, who remains its executive and scientific director. In 2005, the ANH-Intl brought a successful challenge against the European Food Supplements Directive in the European Court of Justice. The case provided significant clarification to areas of the Directive that were previously non-transparent and negatively impacting food supplements across Europe.

ANH Mission

Our key mission is to promote natural and sustainable approaches to healthcare worldwide, using the principles of good science and good law. Central to this mission is ensuring that health professionals, consumers, manufacturers and suppliers have the freedom to choose their preferred method of healthcare and to conduct their business within the most appropriate legal-scientific framework. We are committed to providing a wealth of accurate and reliable scientific and regulatory information, that relates particularly to diet, lifestyle and non-drug-based health interventions. This includes dedicated practitioner pages on our website and a bi-monthly practitioner newsletter

Why Support ANH International?

Europe's draconian legislative regime aimed at the natural health sector, particularly effective therapeutic modalities, is being introduced slowly and insidiously. It is a process known as political gradualism and it is a deliberate process, designed to encourage acceptance through slow adaptation. The major challenges to natural health are by no means limited to Europe. There is an international wave of regulatory change sweeping the globe and without an organisation such as ANH-Intl putting together the pieces of the jigsaw, it's easy to miss the big picture. In many key areas, the EU's legislative template for natural health is driving the global template being exported internationally through the guidelines and standards being developed through the Codex Alimentarius Commission

We are a non-profit organisation funded solely on donations, so apart from supporters literally being our life-blood, there is great strength to be gained in numbers. We exist to support you in your work and that of other practitioners in the diverse fields of natural health. We are at the forefront of the much-needed paradigm shift in healthcare. This is our passion, our raison d'etre and the motivation for why we do what we do - often against all odds! For some time now we have been building collaborative links with different groups, which include practitioner and other natural health organisations around the world. Working cooperatively as a united effort offers the best chance of change. We look forward to greater synergy and to working with you and with BANT as an organisation.

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